How I can convert BIN-to-ISO without a CUE file???

Well I just downloaded Sonic JAM (USA) and I wanna convert it for my PAL Saturn, but how the heck I can extract an ISO from a BIN with out a CUE file??? I checked the FTP twice in case I've forgot to dl it but NO there was not a CUE there, and binchunker cannot detect BIN files without a CUE, so does SEGA CUE Maker (only ISO & RAW files).In that case I can't find a CUE to extract the ISO and I can't make one with the CUE Maker. So if somebody can help me from saving the time I've spent for downloading the BIN-only-RAR it will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!
ouch man bin's are quirky like that but i would try bin-iso its a actual prog and it just picks up the bin file never tried it though without the cue though.


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I can try ripping my copy of Sonic Jam for you and posting the cue. I just can't remember what format I got it in...

[edit] My Sonic Jam is Japanese, so the cue probably isn't much use...

IIRC Sonic Jam is just a data track and a warning audio track. It could be that someone has extracted just the data track using CDRWin. That leaves you with a bin file. Try opening it with CDMage and see what you get.

However, if it is a full rip (data and audio), you can try to get CDMage to 'auto detect' the iso and audio file. I don't know just how accurate it is (i've never relyed on it), but it can split a bin into data and one big audio chunk. If it does only have one audio track, you might be right. :)

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That's right Mal. I already tried suck out the Data track with CDmage but the disc I burned was....

"Unsuitable for this system"

Thank you for taking the time to search and rip th CUE for me :)

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A couple of questions.

Is Sonic Jam's country code correct for your Saturn?

You did say you had the US game and wanted to play it on a PAL Saturn.

Also are you swapping or do you have a modboard?
A couple of answers: :)

Nope it's in US country code.

I have the US ISO and I own a European Pal Saturn.

I do both of them. My Saturn has a modded motherboard but my friends not(I burn twice my games for him in European PAL country code).

In Fact I don't have problem running the US game myself(I own a 4-in-1 Action Replay cartridge) but my friend has.