How many handhelds have you purchased all up?

How many handhelds have you bought in life

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Starting from and including the very first handheld gaming system you bought (brand new or second hand), how many have you bought since? For me:
The original Gameboy (color = clear)
A Lynx (Model 1?),
A GP32 (FLU).

And that's it. The only one I still have is the GP32.


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GB Pocket, GBA, DS, but my GBA I had to get a new one. That one died after I dropped it down the stairs. Sooo got a new one. 5 that makes.

Got the replacement GBA's wayyyy before my DS before ya say :)


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A few I bought an extra handheld for my wife or because my previous one was KIA.

Game Gear
Gameboy x2 (original)
Gameboy Color
Gameboy Pocket
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy Advance SP x3 (2 silver & 1 classic)
Nintendo DS x2 (blue & silver)