How reliable is the flip-top lid PS2 method?


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The picture of the swap cover is broken on that site for some reason, if anyone doesn't know what it looks like and wants to see it, let me know and I'll host them... I have them saved on my pc cause find them just way too funny.

I'd suggest just getting a mod chip installed. Swapping of any kind for any system that isn't a fully stopped swap (only one I know of is with a boot disc or one of the psx exploits) just sounds dumb. However I've heard people have had luck with the freeloader, so you should get that for your imports. If you want that for playing pirated games, then SHAME ON YOU! Go support the industry damnit :damn:

Edit: It's not the pictures... it's my dsl being retarded.
Actually, from what I have read, it sounds like the Swap Magic 2 disc is actually stopped so that you can preform the swap with the game that you would like to play (Someone had said that this is because of the intentionally bad sectors that are written to the disc, but I'm not so sure about it). If someone could confirm this, that would be great.

Also, to prevent any confusion, I can assure you that I am looking into this solely for the purpose of playing imports. I have no interest in playing backups (and even if I did, I do not have the means to obtain them). Also, I do not have the hand eye coordination/soldering skills that would allow me to install a modchip, and would rather not purchase a Japanese PS2 if it is possible (though this may turn out to be what I have to do). Basically I just want a system that will allow me to play Tales of Destiny 2, Star Ocean 3, and Tengai Makyou II: Manjimaru. Sorry if my last post indicated something else.
get a decent modchip for that money. the swapping crap not only ruins the looks of your ps2, it also isn't reliable at all. there's a whole bunch of games that require patches to work, so you'd need a dvd burner and pay for a dvd blank every time.
The fliptop lid basicly gives you the possibility to perform a Disc-swap in the style of the old disc-swapping for Saturn and PSX...

Only thing is that it suffers from the horrible PSX TOC problems...

If you use a PS2 DVD to boot with that has a smaller TOC than the game you´re gonna play, then the game will have problems as the PS2 refuses to load stuff from "outside" the range the TOC says there´s data...

So, you should get an original copy of the Devil May Cry demo (comes with Resident Evil - Code:Veronica-X)

The DMC demo has a maxed out TOC, so the TOC will no longer be a problem for DVD games (except from DVD9 games such as MGS2:Substance and Xenosaga)

Well, that covers most of it...
I've used this flip lid + Swap Magic combo, and it seems like a good solution for those who don't want to solder.

However; I suggest that for those who don't want to solder, get a modchip professionally installed.

For the same price as that setup, you could have a noswap modchip and not have to deal with swapping and TOC issues.

DMS3s (the best PS2 modchip out there) is $51 at
LIke which games, KuKzz?

Anyway, Sundance_2, go to any forum that's centered around this discussion (such as or and anyone will tell you the DMS3 is better.

I don't want to get into a modchip debate here, but it's clear KuKzz doesn't know what he's talking about.

As far as playing games goes, the DMS3 and Messiah 2 Pro are both equally good at what they do. Neither has a problem playing any game and both are no swap. However; the DMS3 is software upgradeable, and also has some extra features the Messiah 2 Pro doesn't have - such as playing media files from the memory card.

Of course this means the DMS3 is usually about $10 more than the Messiah 2 in most places, but the software upgradeablity alone makes it worth the extra cash.
Yeah, look at Fileforums, especially here.


The DMS3 v1.1 performs broadly like Magic 3.1 on PS2 games. It does not perform to the standards of Messiah 2. No DVD-R would boot and nor would some rips that wouldn't boot on Magic 3.x but did on Messiah 2.

GTA3 PAL DVD-R (Princo)----------------------RSOD

Tony Hawks 3 PAL DVD-R-----------------------RSOD

Headhunter PAL DVD-R-------------------------RSOD

EA NBA Street NTSC-U CD-R--------------------OK

Twisted MB Kalisto Rip CD-R------------------OK

GT3 Rip NTSC-U CD-R--------------------------RSOD

FIFA 2002 Rip NTSC-U CD-R------------------OK

Tony Hawks 3 Rip NTSC-U CD-R----------------RSOD

Woody Woodpecker NTSC-U CD-R-----------------RSOD

My overall impression of DMS3 v1.1 on the v8 PS2 was one of disappointment principally for two reasons:

DVD-R did not work on v8 although the DMS3 site implies support (as at 21-Feb-03)

Some DVD rips on CD did not work; these work on Messiah 2 on the same PS2


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Except that he says elsewhere that they're identical except for DMS3's extra features, which probably means that the v8 BIOS patches were broken when he tested (March apparently) and are now working -- at this point it's probably worth noting that DMS3 is software-upgradeable, complete with the ability to boot from a backup copy of the stock firmware if you screw it up somehow.

edit: I guess DeVante already mentioned the upgradeability, but it's worth repeating since it's the one thing that really sets DMS3 apart from every other PS2 modchip on the market.
KuKzz, that's very old information you're posting.

A new DMS3 has long been around and outperforms ANY other modchip.

CharliePS2's tutorial's are known to be outdated.

Do a little more research on the subject. ;>


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While we're on the subject, does anyone here know what the pin pitch is for the BIOS ROMs in various PS2 models? Since all the install pics are blown up it's hard to tell, and I don't have a PS2 I actually own to recklessly take apart and examine. :D