How to make a fan translation?

Hi everyone, I'm wanting to make a fan translation of Puyo Puyo Sun for the Saturn so I can play with the cutscenes in English, it has already been made for the PC version so most everything is already translated except maybe the menus. Where would someone start making a translation, like what tools will I need, will I need to know any specifics about the Saturn, will I need to make the English alphabet for the game? Thank you all!


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First you'd need to just snoop around the game itself to get an idea of how things are stored. You'd need an Emulator that lets you debug and look around in memory (Yabause, Mednafen, etc.), a Hex Editor to examine data, as well as just some looking around at files on the disc and some knowledge of what you're looking at.

If you plan to leverage an existing translation from another version of the game, you'd need to see how similar the games data files are between different versions.

Mr Conan

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