How to obtain AIM buddy list

k, as sum of u know I just got my mom canceled AOL. Well, they said we would have it for another month, but today it turned off! That's not a big deal I though, oh well screw AOL. But when I got home from school today and tried to get onto AIM, it wouldn't let me! I have other screen names but they dont have all of my buddies on them. Any way I can get my buddylist? go through irc or sumthin? Tnanks guys, hope there is a way :).


yeah AOL sucks like that.

My inlaws used to have AOL and my wife (then fiance) used their account for AIM.

When I got them off AOL and onto Netzero (to save some nice cash) my wife tried to use AIM (which is a free service for non-AOL users as well) with her old screen name. It let her, but AOL started billing the old account for the full monthly amount.

We had to argue a ton to get the money back and to totally shut down the account.

They even tried offering more free months. They constantly refused to give up.

What an idiotic company
haha ya....when my mom called em in they were offering a bunch of deals and shit but she didn't take em. but ya, they blow.....I know u can access AIM through irc (that's how it all works I believe) so is there anyway to grab my buddylist off of there? cuz it is saved server-side....
I cannot.....says it wont let me cuz it was once an AOL name. but the list is still saved on their servers (just incase u wanna reactivate AOL) so if there is a way to bypass the regular logon process and just grab the buddy list I would be perfectly happy.
yeah, I think you might just be SOL then..... if you felt like it you might be able to activate it again for one month lol, save your list, then deactivate it... though that'll costa ya $20 or whatever aol costs these days.