How To Tell Which Game Gear I Got...


Hey guys, I just got my GG today, and I'm curious as to which model it is. The newer models are incompatible with the TV Tuner. While the original models were. How can I check to see which model I got? I plan on getting the TV Tuner, simply as a novelty and collector item, but I wouldn't mind test it once I get it. That's why I need to know what model it is.


I already got it off of eBay. I got the GG last week. I just need to know which model it is, so I can use the TV Tuner whenever I get that.


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in truth, i never knew they made 2 models of the, when did the later model get released? any clue? :huh:


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you know on the plastic lens that cover the the screen if it has red,blue,green ovals then its compatable, if they are all gray then its not.


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Originally posted by sonik@Sep 25, 2003 @ 10:35 AM

If it's not compatible, what happens to GG if I try to put a TV Tunner?

It will broke?
Nothing breaks, absolutely nothing happens. That's the problem. :(


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this probably won't help, but I recall there was a difference in serial numbers, the newer or older (cant remember) models had a serial no. starting with a letter and the other's didnt.


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Most of the older Game Gears were Model: 2110

You can see the model number on the back of the Game Gear.

The TV tuner will work


Raijin Z

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The newer Gamegears were made by Majesco. They're black, have purple start buttons, and gray circles on the screen cover. The Sega version was gray, blue start button, orange power button, and red/green/blue circles on the screen guard.

The Majesco GGs had better screens, btw. I have both, and my Sega one is only kept because of its complete compatibility.
There are later models of the real sega gamegear (with the Red/Green/Blue ovals) that are incompatible with the TV tuner.

If the model number is just plain 2110, then it will work. If the model number is 2110G, then it won't.

I wonder what they did that created the incompatibility, and whether you could fix it. And the funny thing is that the non-compatible gamegears still have the holes to attach the TV stand into.

I personally like the mega-wide-gear. The only problem is that you can't use it and the game genie at the same time.

I also suggest the car adapter. I don't suggest getting a used batter pack, because they're likely worn out.