How well do disc resurfacers work?


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How well do disc resurfacers work? You know, like the disc doctor or whatever they're called...

I made the mistake of letting my girlfriend borrow all of my cat power cds knowing full well that all of her cds look as if she's smothered them with steel wool.

Anyway, I had wanted them back so I could rerip them and put them on the ipod so i can listen in the car and not ruin my own cds. So I'm using EAC and it has trouble ripping in secure mode. Plenty of tracks have read and sync errors, including the last one on Moon Pix where where a conic bulge and stress area suggests she handled the cd with needlenose pliers.

Should I spend my money on such a fantastic contraption? Or is it fantastic?

Or should I just go and buy the two CDs that have the most obvious scratches again?


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I've used one of the manual "Skip Doctor" devices, and while it takes a lot of work, it did substantially improve the readability of a few of my discs (took several passes). I don't think the motorized one is much more expensive than the manual one nowadays, so you might want to look into that if you don't feel like spending a bunch of time turning a crank. I wouldn't use it at all on a warped disc; it puts a decent amount of pressure on the disc and I'd be wary of making the problem worse by cracking it.