How would I create a JRPG in Joengine with beginner knowledge of c?

If I look up videos on c++ jrpgs could I kind of convert the knowledge to C? I saw a really good documentary on making a rogue like game in C but that is just text.

I am a really dumb person but I want to make something on the Saturn out of boredom. I work two jobs and I know people will try to push me away saying I am too stupid to use joengine but I am stubborn.

I am not asking someone to write code for me just curious if I learn how to make a jrpg in c++ or C# would that translate to C with some tweaking?


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No one will call you stupid but I think most here will advise you to walk before you try to run. How far have you gotten with Jo Engine? Before starting your own major project I want you to have done the following:

1) Have you successfully compiled and run your own "Hello World" program?
2) Can you read input from the controller?
3) Have you written test code to display your own sprites?
4) Play CD audio? Play PCM audio?

There are examples for all of them in Jo Engines Samples directory, internalize how to do it. This is all you need for a basic game.

5) I came a across Asteroids Terra by mxfolken on GitHub. It is an Asteroids clone written with Jo Engine that I recommend you take a look at. It seems to be written very cleanly. I tried compiling it and unfortunately I couldn't get it run.
6) Since you like watching videos, I'm assuming you watch Emerald Nova's channel?
7) Pick a simple game to clone and clone it. Ideally starting with something in C. I've written Pong, Snake, and Flappy Bird clones. Pick something where you can find videos online of people cloning. Don't worry about your game sucking. First games will always suck.

Once you've completed that you can move to bigger projects.

And to answer your question, yes you can port code from C++ to C. Depending on the codebase and features of C++ used it may or may not be trivial but it will definitely be time consuming. Why not find an RPG already in C that you like?


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Well, #1 is I hope you're prepared to dump all of your free time into learning C and Saturn hardware stuff because you're gonna need every minute of it between two jobs. No shade. Just reality :)

The other thing I'll say is, what you need for a JRPG is:

- Good menu code and rapid menu arbitration
- Menu data and menu triggers read from binaries (from files on CD).
- Working knowledge of tile maps (VDP2).

The bad thing is, Jo Engine cannot help you on _any_ of these aside from the most basic of basic things.
So you need to focus on them in order.

The first task is getting a menu system.
Then get that menu system to respond to D-pad input.
Then get that system to trigger things in an overall game runtime.
Then get that overall system to read its parameters from other menu structures, if need be (nesting/triggers).
Then get that system to form itself from data in memory, rather than be hard-coded.

Emerald Nova has streams covering pretty much all of that.

Starting from this video:
I feel bad. I spent a year thinking of the story.

Eternal Nightmare
Background into the world:
Set in the year 2222, Planet Earth has been devastated by pollution. Most cities, continents, and countries have become slums. The exceptions being Africa, Antarctica, and Greenland along with under water cities.

Space exploration and terraforming allowed humanity to escape the planet dying to pollution. New habitats formed on these planets offer new life through genetic engineering. Many humans look on the newly created hybrids with disrespect. Hybrids also look upon each other with disdain and distrust. Some are bitter and hateful towards humans. In order to escape death and injury medicine has been advanced greatly increasing human lifespan and slowing the aging process. Cybernetic enhancements and robotic host bodies for the brain were developed to aid all living organisms in the eternal nightmare (the fight against death) by CentriCorp. Stranger Inc. is responsible for the creation of human hybrids and genetic engineering such as vibrant hair/eye/skin colors.

Note from the author: I will be dividing and working on Eternal Nightmare into five thrilling parts. I will work from what I think are the weakest creations of mine onward. This means I will be working from Part 4 , then 5, then 1, then 2, then 3. I have the whole story mapped out and how I want to tell it. I originally wanted to produce a video game but because of my limited intellect and ability to learn… I will stick to typing a grotesque abomination of literature in hopes that someone more intelligent adapts my work.

I will however type a plot summary or spoilers if you will as a set up to part 4 to avoid confusion.

Alexander Stranger is a symmetrical thin man with a slight slouch. He has white hair, blue eyes and pale skin. He is the son of Andrew Stranger who runs a corporation founded by his ancestors Stranger Inc. Alexander Stranger was ignored growing up and bitterly detested the attention to abominations of ill guided human engineering. He views humans as the apex predator and is confused as to why one would merge human DNA with that of lesser beasts. He considers his DNA to be superior due to the creation of genetic engineering other than that of hybrids. He obsessively uses his own DNA to construct female clones of himself that he attempts to impregnate. Many die or come out flawed. His perfect specimen is unable to have kids but he lets her live and serves him (Alexandria Stranger). His next project is a success but she does not want to carry a kid of a man she does not love and detests. She performs numerous abortions. Alexander uses syringes to inject sperm and various remote controlled sperm injection devices. Never the less she thwarts all of his unwanted pregnancies. Rather than replicate or create a more willing host he views it as divine destiny that she will carry his seed into a new world. One free of imperfections and abominations of nature. He wants to wipe humanity out and create a new world with his offspring.

The now sixteen year old Alexis Stranger is saved by the Rebel fighters opposing pollution, the corrupt government and corporate entities after they learn about his plan via hacked diary entries. They know they will not be believed and hide Alexis Stranger (she dyes her white hair black, cuts her hair middle length, and wears sunglasses). The resistance flee to earth where they feel they can escape. The empire has wanted posters and trackers out. They painfully remove any trackers she has on her.

An elite force consisting of Tabitha Edwards (an orphaned girl turned woman whose husband a lawyer was gunned down by the resistance accidentally). Tabitha is black skinned with natural black hair and brown eyes. She eventually is able to locate Alexis Stranger. They phone in to their police chief (leader of the police in the slum that is the United States). The leader comes and all the squad is gunned down by the police chief. Alexis prior explained the situation to the squad. The police chief just wants credit for obtaining the girl and says no hard feelings. However after gunning down Tabitha the resistance has some fighters show up. The police chief is forced to flee. The resistance quickly gathers the bodies. Tabitha is the only one able to be placed in an artificial robotic body that looks human…

Tabitha is accepted into the resistance and ultimately engages the corrupt police in battle. There in the slums it is discovered that the police chief is a human in a more advanced robotic body. The citizens today the slums end up evening the odds by throwing objects at the police chief. Tabitha kills the police chief. Her and the resistance the escape planet Earth. Their ship is gunned down and has to land in a terraformed planet filled with humans, pig human hybrids, cat human hybrids(look mainly human with cat ears in addition to the human anatomy). Thus ends part 1.
Part 2 involves a reality game show filled with monsters and zombies.
Part 3 involves a war between the resistance and the empire.
Part 4 involves storming Alexander Stranger’s ship with a crew of five others to rescue Tabitha who is captured in the war.
Part 5 Tabitha goes back in time to stop an AI invasion.

I am too tired too type the rest of the details. I want to make part 4 a game first.

I wanted to do JRPG because it’s the easiest genre to do a story based game right?

I might try to make a text based game then a visual novel
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