HuCast Announces The Ghost Blade Will Be Out For Dreamcast This September


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HuCast has announced that its retro-style 2D shmup The Ghost Blade will be available on Dreamcast from September 17th 2015 with the vibrant poster that you can see above.

The Ghost Blade is made to play like a shmup from the 1990s but with graphics that are closer to the 2010s.

It has you playing as the Ghost Blade, which is a powerful weapon that’s considered to be Earth’s last chance against an alien threat. There are three playable ships altogether, five levels, big bosses, a Stage Mode, a Time Attack Mode, and a Caravan Mode that can be played in two or five minute sessions.



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I've never actually tried any of the various "new" Dreamcast games over the last several years, are any of them worth getting?

If I remember rightly, it seems like they're mostly schmups, which is fine by me.