Huge DS List of Friends for Wi-Fi Play


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Here are a list of friends from TW that you can add to your Friends list.

Mario Kart DS:
IceDigger - 412378-237556
Dark X3 - 008650-525872
Karny - 502571-224958
Kukzz - 468212-691100
schi0249 - 403788-621835
Berserker - 309299-612551

Tony Hawk's American Sk8tland:

Animal Crossing:

PM Me with your code and I will add it for that particular game!

Ian Van Dahl

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Hey guys, to help this along, don't forget to put your tag over at WF!

Copyright: WF

That great thing this about this is that:

WF said:
If you are trying to find users in your general region, this is the best way to do it. If you don't see yourself on this map, simply update your WiFiTag and include your location.
Game on. ^_^