Hyper Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition


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15 years already ... it makes my eye wet when I remember playing SF2 at the arcade near school, saying 'Hey see how I'm good' when I defeated 3 opponents in a row :)

Hope this new version will have good gameplay ...

Damn, I'mfeeling old today :ph34r:
Yes, fiften years. But who counts Street Fighter? it sucked (at least the Amiga port, never played the arcade)

SF2 on the other hand, that's just lovely. Played it against my brother just a couple of days ago, and it's still super fun. I never cared about the Turbo/Hyper/bla bla -versions turbo just took away all the skill and made it into a mash-the-pad-game, and the other made the character colors look like shit.

Of course the new games will have good gameplay, it will be the same, and they've made things like that before. Capcom Collection 5 have original SF2 and two other versions and that's good enough for me.