I need a little help to start

HELLO, i am a spanish sega fan (4 ever!), i have a master system, a mega drive, 2 sega saturn (my favorite) and a dreamcast. I have a problem, i am studing programming and networking, but i am not yet ready, i would like start saturn programming, i love that console, and i don´t want it die. Please i wait your help, samples or mini-tutorials, something for to know what i need to start wortking, thanks.
Get the SGL (Sega Game Library) and the GNU compiler, and the starting tutorial in the "saturn dev" section of this site. It should be enough for an "hello word".

What kind of progs do you plan to write ?
I would like to make a aplication, anyone, to a institute project, i want show everybody the sega power, i am studing programming,but i´m not an expert yet.

i´d like make it at saturn, or dreamcast perhaps, but i´d preffer saturn. thanks for your help, i hope you help me more :) (excuse my english)


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Originally posted by AntiPasta@Oct 22, 2003 @ 08:38 PM

well, if you're totally new to programming I wouldnt start on the Saturn! Hell, not on any console for that matter...

good point, but whatever motivates you. :D
I agree that learning programming on a console probably isn't the best place to start, but if you're trying to learn game programming it tends to make things simpler. Doing 2D graphics on the Genesis is a piece of cake, of course the C dev environment isn't well developed so you have too learn 68K assembly first...
well, i have chosen the dreamcast, because it supports linux, and i would like a c aplication on that linux, and connect it to a server with sql...

lots of thanks everybody!!!,and if you know something of dreamcast programation...put it here...thanks again ;)