I need a "task manager" with CPU usage for Win98SE

Hi folks,

I'm having a big problem with my computer at work : sometimes, let's say every 10 minutes, with no reason, my CPU is used at 100% (PIII 800 MHz) under Win98SE during 1-2 minutes so everything run slow like hell !

- I updated McAfee yesterday, no virus detected

- I removed every program at start except explorer and systray

I still have this problem, which is very annoying, especially at work. So I'd like to have a task manager like the one in Win2000, where every process is shown and how much each process uses CPU.

I tried "taskkiller". I does show every process but not the CPU usage.

Thanks for any help !

Microsoft has a package called "Kernel Toys" for Win95 that includes a version of the Unix utility "top". Microsoft's pages say that the programs in the package shouldn't be run on Win98, but I've read reports that this program (Windows Process Watcher) works OK on both Win98 and WinME.
Thanks but I found one : "Amn Task Manager". But it shows me it's the "KERNEL32.DLL" task that uses 100% of CPU from time to time... So I'm doomed...
Your problem is that sithy operating system... why don´t you install a 2000 Pro ?, ( not XP please
if you go into Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, and click the Windows Setup tab

Scroll Down to System Tools

select it, click Details button

scroll down to "System Monitor"

("System Resource Meter", the next item in the list, will hide in the taskbar, and alert you if your resources are low, which, as any user should know, are fixed at 64 kilobytes)

place a check next to "System Monitor"

click OK

click OK, and place the CD in the drive, when prompted.

you will find it in the Start Menu -> programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Monitor

Add item -> Kernal -> Processor Usage

only shows total processor usage
But IIRC System Monitor won't give you processor usage by task, which was the whole point here.
Wintask is the only one I can find

Unfortunately, it's $99/$249 shareware


unfortunately, it may not even be possible to look at how much CPU usage each task is using; from the WinTasks Professional 4.0 FAQ:

Why is cpu usage per process not supported in Windows 98?

A: Due to limitations in Windows 95/98/Me, cpu usage per process and memory usage per process is not shown if you are using one of these operating systems. If you are using Windows NT/2000/XP all features are supported.
Originally posted by Link Hylia@June 28 2002,09:31

unfortunately, it may not even be possible to look at how much CPU usage each task is using

Wintop/Windows Process Watcher can, and it's free. It also allows you to modify priority and kill tasks.