If i am shipping my saturn away to get modified

It is somebody who works out of his house that is going to do it for me.. what percaustions should i take? how should i pay? Would there be anybody on Sega Xtreme in Calgary, Alberta or even Canada willing to modify it for me?

I just dont want to get ripped off, thats all.. any advice would be good
if you got the chip i'd mod it for you for a price of course and i live in bc. if you don't got the chip ya can just order it in and send it all down to me. pm me if your interested.
what kind of a price? also , is there any local mod chip retailers? i would hate to get it all the way from hong kong
not where i live the only places i know that might carry em are down in vancouver. as for the price how much were you gonna get charged cuz my friend does it for about 65 and those are playstations(thats not including the mod chip :S)


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When I got my modchip, I just looked through the phonebook for general electrical repairs until I found a place that would do it. Cost me £5 and took about 15 minutes. So long as you print out some instructions as to where the two wires go, it's an easy job for them. So that's the route I'd recommend trying.

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In Toronto, $65 dollars was about par for the price of a Mod board (Its not a chip dammit! ) , plus region detection, and installation (They don't care what model Saturn). I would think vancover would be the same.
I got my saturn mod from Lik-sang and only paid about 26 bucks shipped. I had my friend do it as I am not good at soldering.

Lik sang sent it within 2 weeks and I was satisfied. They included the wires and put it in a bubble wrap...

I have no complaints about lik sang.

yea i should go to van and take my chinese friend with me and see what there is alas i am broke for the next while damned psx's.