Incorrect audio Tracks?

Cyber Akuma

New Member
I think I burned the audio tracks in the incorrect order for Sonic CD Beta.

First of all, are the audio tracks the same thing as normal Sonic CD? If so I can just use the audio tracks from that.

If the audio tracks from Sonic CD Beta are different, how can I check if mine are in the corretc order, because the game start with some upbeat music and you cna hear children going "yayyyy" and making other sounds in teh backgrouns, sounds like music you would see in a bonus stage or the ending instead of in the first stage.

I want to make them in the correct order because I have the ISO for sonic cd alpha and I heard it uses the same tracks as sonic cd beta, so I want them to be in the correct order. So is there any way I can tell what order they need to be in?