Just recently got my ipod. its great because i put the soundtracks that are up on this site to play on my ipod. Definitely when i need to get my video game music groove on, i use my ipod. Heard battery life sucks on this things though... as i only got like 6 hours at the most on one charge.



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I love mine. I've got my entire CD collection on mine and then run it into my stereo. I have noticed the crappy battery life though. I keep the light off on it, and turn it off when not using it. And the do make an extended battery pack, that runs off of AA batteries. Though I don't know if that ting has a decent battery life.


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The battery life is actually 8 hours and I have an ipod and it's great but the shitty thing is that after about 3 or 4 years, the battery dies and you cant just go get a new one.

You send it to apple and they install a new one in it for 150-200 bucks. Thats what I paid for the thing originally. However, it's obvious that this is ripping people off so third party companies are making do it yourself kits for around 50 bucks that only need to be purchased once.
Umm...depending on how often you use the iPod the battery becomes dead permanently in as little as 6 months. It just wears out from constant charging. And yes it's a bitch to get it replaced from apple (unless it dies while still on warranty).
I have the original one, and frankly I don't know about the battery, because I only use it in my car when I am traveling, and then I have a cigarette adapter for that.