Jack Thompson runs his mouth... again

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Seriously, this guy is a major jackass. Recently in a police article for the Advocate, a Baton Rouge newspaper, Jack Thompson said "Nobody shoots anybody in the face unless you're a hit man or a video gamer." What the f**k, now that's a really ignorant statement. Granted, he says this with gamers in mind who have played a mature rated game, even more so if they're minors, over the general classification of all gamers. Regardless, it's a pretty blasphemous statement; games aren't the cause of murders, it's the people who play them, and he's using violence in games as an easy scapegoat.

This ain't the first time he's pinned unwanted stuff on games. Thompson, an attorney from Florida, has been active in creating laws meant to hinder sales of mature rated games to minors, along with saying more stupid comments.

Consider this, it's highly likely that he's either related to a gamer, is friends with a gamer, or has a friend who knows a gamer. It's also likely that any gamer with a connection to him has played a mature rated game like any of the games from the Grand Theft Auto series, his prime target and easy excuse. What would he say about that? Are they killers too in Jacko's mind?

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jack thompson is a jack ass. maybe if he would sit down for about 5 minutes and play a game he would notice that they can be fun. we cant let him play RPG's though or the world would revert back to that DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS IS EXETREMLY SATANIC state that my mom got out of just last year. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


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Jack Thompson is one of the reasons why video games are getting critizism these days. The video game can not change one's mind if he/she sees violence in the game.

Thompson isn't a gamer of course, so he's just judging on what he thinks is right.