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Will a Saturn rip work if I rip it into an image with DiscJuggler? If yes, is there anything special I need to do before ripping it with DiscJuggler? Thx!


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It will work, but .cdi (or is it .cdj?) is an inconvenient format because you can't use Satconv on it should you need to.

I don't know about the settings as I've only ever burnt with it.


Well, I only have US games anyways. But you can just as easily burn it, then rip it with something that you can use Saturn Convert on, and then burn it again. Yeah, it'll take two CD-R's, but you'll have both versions to Fark around with.


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I believe the latest beta version of CDmage has a feature to convert supported image types to BIN+CUE format:

Originally posted by TWoeMS@CDmage version 1.02.1 B4

  • Replace any file in the image with file from the HD (with the same size)!!!
  • Open-as-readonly option preservers its state
  • Added ablity to ignore invalid characters when modifying ISO/Joliet descriptors
  • Changed shape of the Options dialog (wide instead of tall)
  • Swapped LBA and Size columns
  • Bind left&right volume checkbox preserves its state
  • Save any image as BIN/CUE
  • Lots of little improvements and enhancements
  • ...

So using two CD-R's is not necessary, unless you want to.