Langrisser 4/Sapphire Pc engine

I got Langrisser 4 from Edge`s FTP, made a cue for it with the Sega cue maker, burned it with Nero. After the sega logo, my Saturn goes on loading a bit, then stops and there`s just a black screen.

Now, it could be because of my laser isn`t exactly in the best shape anymore I guess (one of my original cds doesn`t load properly sometimes, but tested on a friend`s saturn it does).

But since I don`t have much experience in burning I thought I`d ask if there are some know problems with LG 4 or something. My copies of Princess Crown and Radiant Silvergun run perfectly.

I made a second copy using clone cd and a virtual Cd rom (though no audio tracks), but it didn`t change anything.

As for Sapphire, I have magic engine v.099 beta 3, when I load the Sapphire Cue into the virtual cd rom I can play it. I made a direct copy from it using clonecd, but magic engine reports a disk error when the I try to run it from the real cd.. Any solution to it? Do I need to burn slower perhaps? (I burned it with 4 x speed and "game cd" setting in clonecd)

Thanks for any help.