Language Switch

Now I've been to all the sites talking about modding their mega drives. But I need pictures of American Genesis' because so far none of the sites talking about their megadrives have had correct pictures for mine. Any help would be appreciated greatly.
the mod is basically identical for all models, just with different jumper orders and different jumpers being bridges. the way it's done remains the same for all.
For the most part it is, but it gets confusing when your board slightly differs and dont want to have to worry about frying anything.
Tell me about it!

I am disappointed that american gamers are not sharing info like the european gamers. I cannot find one picture on the net to explain how I should connect to the "blue thing" on jumper 1 (something the eruo systems don't have).

All I have gotten so far are guesses, but I hate to destroy consoles with a trial-and-error approach. I can't believe not one american has taken a pic of his mod. As soon as I figure it out, I guess I will be the first american to take a pic of the thing.

I a going to try it tonight. there are several possibilities. if I fry it, it may take a while. reinventing the wheel...
that's how I worked out my first genny mods. trial and error, connecting random shit till something happened.

the genny is one damn tough piece of hardware, it's near impossible to fry it with a bad jumper setup.
I have lots of pics of the US Model 1 genny, and the US Model 2 SegaCD. I've been working on a page to host them all, but it's lots of pics and some are very large. I orginally took them all to show how to mod the Model2 SegaCd to read CDRWs .. . which is something I've neglicted to finish.

Here I the one of the Country Lock out, I think that is the same as the Language switch:

Originally posted by Tindo@heart@Jun 13, 2003 @ 10:05 PM

I have lots of pics of the US Model 1 genny,

Here I the one of the Country Lock out, I think that is the same as the Language switch:

Thanks. Mine is one of the older models of console 1 because it has a capacitor bridging JP1.

Here's what's happened. I used an Xacto knife to cut the J2 link, and plugged it in to test that it was cut. It turns out that just cutting that alone overcame the lockout for most programs! no switch! I plug in a japanese cart with lock out, and it works! I plug in a US cart with programmed lockout, and it works! WOW!

So I figure out that it only works on boot up, when I hit reset the lockout screen comes back... STRANGE! power on, it works. reset it, it doesn't work. So I get greedy and decide to install the switch anway.


Lesson: leave well enough alone.

I stop there. Cry and morn the loss of my perfect pulseman cart. Put everything back to the way it was. The good news: now I can play all locked out games with the exception of a rockman game on a multi cart (don't know why). The bad news: lost my Pulseman cart.

I partially surrender to the GODS of ANTI-PIRACY.