Linda3 (Cubed)

I've drooled over the packaging of this game whenever it shows up on eBay... it looks like a dark, weird game. Has anyone played it? More importantly, is it worth it? I've seen the game go for around $60+.

Any info on the game would be much appreciated...
Well I’ll tell you what I know or remember about it.

It originally appeared on the PC Engine CD. I think the Saturn game is slighty different and might even be a sequel of it. I also appeared on the PSX and is practically the same as the Saturn version.

It’s made by Mars if I remember right. It’s kind of like an RPG based on Noah’s Ark. Basically some kind of natural disaster is going to destroy the world and only 1 man and female and a male and female of every kind of animal will live if there on the Ark by the end of the game. Basically the point of the game is to hunt down animals and get them on the ark. There are 3 different scenarios that you can play. I think scenario A and B are samilair except you need to hunt down more kinds of animals in part B. I remember scenario C is different but don’t remember much anymore. I think the game makes use of the Saturn’s internal Clock but I’m not 100% sure on that. You have a time limit to hunt down your animals and certain animals you can only get at certain times or certain seasons or places etc. You can learn skills and and it has some bonus games in it like found in other RPGs.

As for being worth it if you like games that are different, unique and not mainstream you’ll probably like it. You’ll probably need a decent knowledge of Japanese to play it. I played part way through it using a Japanese guide before I lost my save file.