Linux on Xbox

before anyone can start coding a legal linux version for xbox, they need to code a completely M$ code free development kit, including libs that do not use any M$ lib code. that alone is a task that will take a long, long time and alot of effort.
Read about this yesterday. Would bring the X-box another step closer to being a computer. Plus with an o/s it would be easier to utilize the hdd including loading and playing any emus that are coming out. This can be done now with the available utilities but it would be easier imo.
It would be awesome if someone could pull this off. It will probabaly take a long time, but then again $200,000 is a good enough initiative for just about anyone. If I wasn't completely impompetent and knew what I was doing, I think I'd definately give it a try, but since I do not know anything about it the $200,000 probably won't be mine. I wish anyone attempting this the best of luck, and to the one who actually pulls it off, they definately deserve the money.