Linux SCD/SAT Burning



I'm thinking about writing a howto and putting together a set of tools to rip/burn Saturn and Sega CD Backups in Linux/UNIX. I'll put it up somewhere if there's enough interest in the subject.

AFAIK right now there's not alot out there for the *nix crowd.


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I use a Linux box for my main net surfin' machine, so I'd be interested. I usually use cdrdao for most stuff, especially since it has prelim. bin/cue support now. Gtoaster in combination with cdrdao is great for iso/mp3, since you can just drag and drop the files in order.


cdrdao is one fine piece of software. I've never had cdrdao burn a coaster for me. Bin/cue support sucks at the moment (you can't do mixed mode), but TOC works fine, and if you have python2.3, you can use my script thingy to automagically whip out a TOC file.

Another thing is that cdrdao also works for win32. I haven't tested it yet, but I'd suspect it would make a fine free alternative to cdrwin.

Stay tuned for my linux ripping guide. I'll post it when I get off my lazy ass and write it :)