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Looking for Working Designs Saturn games

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by CommanderBubba, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. CommanderBubba

    CommanderBubba New Member


    I just bought my first Saturn. (yaay!) After years of reading you guys talk about Saturn games, I finally decided I'd get one.

    Since I'm not much into modding stuff or messing around with emulators (I like to collect actual games and add them to my display case) I've decided to start with the games published by Working Designs. My video game trek through the years has often been led by WD's stuff... I got my Sega CD so I could play Lunar; at one point I owned the only copy of Lunar 2 in town that anyone knew about.

    Any takers? Looking to make a couple of bucks off those games you haven't played for a few years? :p

    I usually deal through Ebay, but it's kind of slim pickings right now. (I guess I should have thought about this before Christmas.) I have 105 positive feedbacks with no negatives so I think I'm usually trustworthy. (handle is commanderretrogame)

    Send me a PM if you think you might have something I'd want and maybe we can work something out. :thumbs-up:
  2. Taelon

    Taelon Member

  3. Quor_

    Quor_ New Member

    Working Designs did more than four Saturn games. I know they did Magic Knight Rayearth, which isn't listed.
  4. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    Well, 6 I think - they published one of the Sega Ages volumes and after a while they finally released Magic Knights Rayearth. The story is that WD president Victor Ireland decided that working with a Sega managed by Bernie Stolar (who took over operations at Sega of America in 1997 after managing the stellar PSX launch for SCEA and being rewarded with his walking papers) was beneath him or too much of a pain in the ass or whatever and basically gave Sega the cold shoulder ever since.
  5. it290

    it290 Member

    If I'm not mistaken, I think you can still buy MKR directly off of WD's site.
  6. gameboy900

    gameboy900 New Member

  7. CommanderBubba

    CommanderBubba New Member

    Right... So does anybody own any of these? :p

    I've got a line on Albert Odyssey and Shining Wisdom right now in auctions, so I might get lucky.
  8. schi0249

    schi0249 Mid Boss

    You can get both Sega Ages and Magic Knight Rayearth directly from Working Designs.
  9. CommanderBubba

    CommanderBubba New Member

    I'm e-mailing them about that right now. I wasn't aware you could do that.

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