Lunar 2 Eternal Blue CPK video Add subtitles?

I want to add subtitles to the CPK videos of Lunar 2 Eternal Blue games


I found the video file in the game file
Renamed to *.cpk Video can be played


Lunar 2 Eternal Blue game CPK file format
Video Codec : cinepak
Audio Codec: adpcm_adx (Sadx)

I added video subtitles and repackaged the CPK file
There was a problem replacing game files(Black screen during game video playback)

I try different CPK encoding software (ffmpeg, AviToSaturn, Movie to Saturn V1.08)

There are errors inLunar 2 Eternal Blue game games(Black screen during game video playback)

I tried to import the same CPK file into the Taikou Risshiden II game,The CPK files exported by AviTo Saturn and Movie to Saturn V1.08 can be played normally in the game.

I think it’s the audio encoding problem, because I have no way to pack the CPK file and use adpcm_adx (Sadx) encoding

Can someone help me? thank you very much!

EMU: Mednafen SSF
Lunar Eternal Blue's Cinepak files are 1.09 and use ADX Audio. We don't have the encoder for that. MsTea was trying to get it working with FFMPEG but it has audio corruption issues last I tried it. You'll either have to write your own encoder, wait for it to get fixed in FFMPEG, or hope the later ADX capable encoder gets leaked.

Also the Lunar games tend to be very finnicky with just swapping files, you'll most likely need to rebuild the disc image.
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Other CPK files in Lunar 2 Eternal Blue games can be replaced
For example, replace O060 with O059 file
It can be played in the game

I also tried to compile CPK files without audio
It can’t be played in the Lunar 2 Eternal Blue game

I think only CPK files of version 1.09 can be played correctly

Thanks for your reply!
Replacing files with ones already in the game works because they're still encoded the same way. You need the proper encoder to encode new files.
I tried to replace it with another game CPK

Devicereign game released in 1999
CPK version 1.09 can be played in Lunar 2 Eternal Blue games

It is not possible to add subtitles to CPK1.09, right?
If you can encode to cpk1.09 video theres no reason you couldnt add hard subs. There are no soft subs in the cpk format if thats what you are asking.

Lunar 2 appears to render jp subtitles on top of some videos using VDP1. I haven’t yet located the source of the subtitle data. It doesnt appear to be stored according to the font table order, so its probably compressed to some extent.