Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Saturn Translation

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Since I've made a decent amount of progress since the competition entry, I'll officially announce this one and keep a status here.
The plan is to translate Lunar 2 using the PSX as a basis. Not sure if a dubbed or subbed version will be released first, depends on free time & difficulty.
I'm putting Lunar 1 mostly on hiatus until this is complete.


Current Status
Variable Width Font: 100%
Dialog Extraction (Sega CD JP/ENG, SAT JP, PSX JP/ENG): 100%
Dialog Insertion: 50%, works but going to create a Gui tool to simplify.
Dialog Translation: In-progress. Haven't decided if we are updating or rewriting at this point. Depends how good or bad the WD translation is.
Item and Common Text Extraction&Re-Encoding: 100%

Action Scripting: 50%, Format decoded, need a tool to update if we release a dub. (WD Subtitled Audio differs from JP Subtitled audio, more Timed Dialogs, more commands to insert). Does not impact a subtitled or undub version.
Action Script updates to use WD Audio: 0% (Corrupts the screen if everything doesn't line up, cleared after a single battle).

System - 95%, need to adjust some text placement.
Battle/Shop - 90%, have a few minor glitches to clean up.

Decompression: 100%.
Compression & Re-encoding: 90%
Adding subtitles to videos that didnt previously have them: 0%

Spell Text Outlined during battle: 0%
Monster Names: Translated (preliminary ones being used). 98%

Audio/Movie Dubbing: 0% Havent looked into it, in theory the tools are already there to do it... (Current plan would be to reuse WD audio)
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This will end up being the best version of this game to play.

The Saturn version is really nice with the loading times and transition of battles. I saw this a year ago when I played the Japanese version the whole way through.


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Cant wait to play this, I have both games on Saturn, but I haven't played this since I ran through the Sega CD version.