Lunar EBC Gameshark Problems

Jaded God

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Before I display and state the problem... Please, please only respond if you have played/tried gameshark codes with Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete. I need help from experience.

Now, the codes out for Lunar 2 EBC are messed up. The LVL 99 gameshark codes for the characters, no matter which I use ex: Hiro, Lemina, Lucia, etc... It makes them lvl 99, yet takes away all their magic.

So I try the 1 exp to level up codes... That will take everyone up to Level 99 and keep upping their stats, and learning magic... BUT, here is the but... When you save and then start up your saved game without putting the codes back on *they should have saved right?*... Your stats go back down and the only way to keep it working is to like keep putting 1 exp to level up back on again each time you restart the game.

This means I would have to go through each characters level ups to lvl 99 each time I want to start playing the game again after shutting it off.... This is a big pain and if anyone knows a way to fix this or better codes that work please let me know. Lunar SSSC worked great with Lvl 99 codes and they would save, and you never had to use the gameshark again. They stayed that way... So any help would be very appreciated. :smokin: