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1.About LUNAR

2.Patch History

3.Patch Credits and Contributors

4.Known issues

5.Application Instructions


1.About LUNAR


Everyone gather 'round, and let me tell you a tale of much

blood, sweat, and tears... but enough about my father's

laundry! This is an RPG, technically part of the LUNAR

series but only tangentially. There are several references

to the main series in the text, but it's pretty far removed

from the sprawling adventures and touching save-the-world

love stories that made Silver Star and Eternal Blue such

wonderful games.

Walking School, by comparison, is a lighthearted romp that

follows a few students at Magic Academy of Iyen, an island

that floats (on the SEA) and moves around. Series veterans

will be familiar with the Vane Magic Guild, which is on an

island that actually flies in the sky - this is *NOT* Vane

though it does get a mention late-game.

The scope of the adventure is much smaller, but the game

retains much of the friendly and spunky character interaction

that made the other games fun to read and fun to play. I hope

that the script meets the fans' standards!


2.Patch History


According to EsperKnight of the SGST team - the group who

originally had control of the project - this patch was

twelve years in the making! I only inherited it about a

year and a half ago, and most of that was spent editing

the text to bring it up to speed. (The actual romhacking

work was a pretty simple affair.) But here we are, finally

at the release date.

December 17, 2009 - Initial V1.00 release


3.Patch Credits



Main AG Team:

Gideon Zhi - Project leader, romhacker, writer,

assembly hacker


EsperKnight - Project leader, romhacker

Tom/DDS - Text translation

Rebecca Capowski - Text translation

SirKizyr - Initial script edit

Higgs - Romhacker

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