Lupin the third... Or is it 3rd?


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I recently got into Lupin the third and it confuses the hell out of me. Not so much the show itself but rather the history and background of the series. From what I've found there have been 3 or 4 T.V. series and has been popular since the early seventies.

Can someone just give me some background info about this great series? Like what the different T.V. series were, if there were movies etc. I dont think it's still even being made yet a new ps2 and gamecube game were just announced. What's up with that?

SO anything you guys can help me with would be great.
Yay an area of my expertise! Lupin has had 3 different tv series, the first dating back to 1979, was prolly the best, and directed in part by Hayo Miyazaki. theres something crazy like 20 movies, and 250 tv show episodes. theres not much to miss realy, they just try to steal stuff and usualy screw up.
I have all the movies, that is about it.. Never wanted to collect all the series.

There is actually 3 Lupin games for Saturn.

1.) Lupin The 3rd: The Master File

2.) Lupin The 3rd: Chronicles

3.) Lupin The 3rd: The Sage of Pyramid
And there are two Lupin 3rd games for MSX :)

It confuses a hell out of MSX newbies. Most often question in regards to Lupin the 3rd games is "Ok, and where can I download 1st and 2nd?". And the funniest thing some people swear they've seen with their own eyes MSX games Lupin the 1st and Lupin the 2nd in MSX fairs and / or Japanese used videogame stores ;) :) :)
That is by far the best Lupin site on the entire www.

I've been a fan of Lupin ever since I got into anime years ago. I have a shitload of the episodes and almost all the movies. I can say that it's only getting better as the new TV specials and movies come out.

The most recent one is First Contact. Where it shows how everyone got together in the anime.
I think for some copyright reason, I can't remember exactly, the character is known as Lupin III in Japan, outside Japan he is called Wolf. The Castle Of Cagliostro (1980) is one of my favorite anime movies of all time. :smokin:
you know I used to watch it on NHK when I was in primary school...

oops I just told how old I am he he :p

yea I have all the movie/TV specials except one...

for TV series I have series 1 and 2 and still watching half way thru the series 1...
There is also a new Lupin the III game coming out soon that is pretty much the same engine as the PS2 game that came out in the states with some kool new features and new story of course. I had a link for it but can't find it anymore on Magic Box or remember the name of it. I'm sure there will be more talk about it though.