MagicEngine-FX 1.1.0 released !!!


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fixed the second player problem in Battle Heat

fixed a few bugs in the MJPEG emulation, this fixes glitches in 'Chip-chan Kick', 'All Japan Female Pro Wrestling', 'Return to Zork', and may be a few other games

fixed the missing layer in 'Princess Rolfee'

fixed the darker screen problem in 'Miraculum'

removed a change introduced in v1.0.1, this fixes 'Last Imperial Prince' and 'Nirgends' crashing bug

improved the OpenGL driver, the 'ARB_render_texture' extension is not required anymore, if it's present it will be used but if this extension is not available a work-around will be used instead

rewritten the CD-ROM driver, now both SPTI and ASPI are supported at the same time allowing more drives to be recognized

improved the 'boot CD' menu, games titles are now displayed directly in the menu when a game is recognized

added an eject button in the 'boot CD' menu

fixed a memory bug that could crash the emulator

added more resolution choices for the fullscreen mode, low resolutions are now supported too

implemented back the custom resolution modes, you can choose them from the pcfx.ini file

improved program startup, the emulator will now starts directly in the selected screen mode, it won't display a blank startup window anymore

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