Mega CD 1 and MegaDrive 2

Is it possible to connect a MegaDrive 2 to a MegaCD1? The reason I ask is that I can get a multiregion MD2 and already have a MegaCD1 but don't fancy forking out for another MegaCD.


Its possible, I mean with proper wiring and all, but unless you wan't to fry your Megadrive, Just stick to buying another Mega cd. Or you could just buy another Megadrive with multi-region installed.
I have the opposite setup. I use a Mega .. opps, I'm in the US
I use a Sega Genesis Model 1 with a Sega CD model 2 and it works great. I actually prefer this setup because I can use stereo headphones.

My US box says the Model 2 works with "any" genesis: