Mega Q*bert [Full game]


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Hi. Almost 6 years ago, I have released a prototype of a game called "Mega Q*bert", but I never finished it due to massive amount of problems with the game's structure. Lately I decided to rewrite it from scratch and it's now done.

Mega Q*bert is a fan adaptation of the popular arcade title for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The title has 2 modes - Mega mode with 80 new different levels to beat and an Arcade mode, which is based on NES Q*bert (which in turn is based on the original game). Both modes allow simultaneous cooperative play.

The game unfortunately hasn't been tested on the actual hardware, as I don't have the necessary stuff to test it. Please also report the bugs you may find here, I'll be trying to iron them out.
1.1: Qbert.bin
1.1 for less rough PAL play: Qbert PAL.bin
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