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Metroid Music Video

Discussion in 'Nintendo Music' started by Ian Van Dahl, May 3, 2004.

  1. Ian Van Dahl

    Ian Van Dahl New Member

    This MV is awesome.

    Has anybody else seen it?
    You can find it here.


    Start Game: Metroid - 52MB
    Game: All the Metroid games and other Metroid misc stuffs
    Music: Unknown
    Format: WMV 9
    Made by: Sephi Hakubi

    The music to this is the bomb.

    1 question though, does anybody have a flawless copy of this?
    Everytime I download it, it jerks in some areas.
    Is it my computer or the file?

    EDIT : link updated
  2. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    Its your computer.
  3. Ian Van Dahl

    Ian Van Dahl New Member

    Damn it, I hate my computer. :(
  4. Ian Van Dahl

    Ian Van Dahl New Member

    Well, it was my player causing the trouble.
    It's fixed now.

    I downloaded Media Player Classic and everything runs fine. ^_^
  5. Morejatroid

    Morejatroid New Member

    Argh! 404! please, re-upload!

    (or send another link)
    thanks too...
  6. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    I've reuploaded the file.
  7. Morejatroid

    Morejatroid New Member

    movies section opened for me? ( :lol: :lol: ih ih) thanks a lot... forever!
  8. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    Yes hoping you'll come back and post :)
  9. Morejatroid

    Morejatroid New Member

    it's... it's... fantastic

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