Modded Saturn for Sale


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I'm selling my modded model 2 Saturn for $100 (including shipping).

It's NTSC/US region, comes with 3 controllers (one of each model, and one of which is the 3D controller), the AV cables, AC cable, and controller extension cable.

There's no box or docs.

Shipping will be via USPS 1st Class or FedEx Ground.

For $150 I'll throw in a 3rd party multitap, 2 Sega brand RAM carts, the 1MB and 4MB ones, and the Action Replay 4 in 1 cart, Panzer Dragoon Zweii, Virtua Fighter 2, and NiGHTS (all of which are the NTSC game CDs only, no box).


These prices and things have been edited.

Please read the message below to see how the current status of the sale are going.


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I find the $150-for-everything deal a better one than the $100 one, actually. Those RAM and gamesave carts are worth mucho dinero in their own right. ;)
ratfish, I hate you...

I have a modded saturn... it's sitting at home on my shelf, as I have no room for it here... Yet for some odd reason, I'm debating buying yours too...

I'll get back to ya, though that $150 deal isn't half bad.


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US$100? You're all insane.

Either that or I've got to start modding Saturns for a living. ;)


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Quit my day job? No way!

Where do you think I do almost all of my electronic work? :D


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What can I say? I'm an opportunist, and I hate eBay, but don't we all? ;)

Anyways, I thought about it, and for the $150 deal, I'll throw in my boxed mint condition, factory sealed copy of NiGHTS (which includes the 3D controller).

Now if that's not a bundle deal, I don't know what is.


I just went through all my Saturn stuff and found everything I have.

If you want I'll sell everything mentioned above in the $150 bundle plus Shining the Holy Ark, Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter Kids, and DBZ: Legend of the Saiyan thing-a-ma-jig all for $200.

Or if you're interested in buying any of the aforementioned games individually, please throw me a pm.

Sorry for the wallet gouging (I know I aslways hassle people that overprice things when I get the chance), but I'm a starving (ramen-eating) student atm, so it's to be expected. :D


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to give you the idea of the demand.

I posted mine for $90 plus shipping and I had 6 people ask for it within a couple days.


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OK, here it is summed up:



2 controllers

AV cable

AC cable

controller extension cable


All of the above plus:

Sega 1MB Video RAM cart

NiGHTS boxed set

Virtua Fighter Kids {boxed}

Fighting Vipers {boxed}

DBZ: Legend of the Super Saiyan thingy {boxed}

Sega 4MB Video RAM cart (SOLD)

Multi-tap hub (SOLD)

Virtua Fighter 2 (SOLD)

Panzer Dragoon Zweii (SOLD)

Action Replay 4 in 1 cartridge (SOLD)

Shining the Holy Ark {boxed} (SOLD)

The Saturn bundle is now on HOLD.


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Sure I would, I'd just have to dull down the bundle price afterwards.

PM me with the details and an offer.
If you're selling stuff seperately, mind if I grab the multitap and 1 or 2 controllers off of ya? I would also be interested in the AR 4in1.



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Sure, if MTXBlau wasn't interested in the AR4-1 you can have that and the multitap. Send me a pm and we'll discuss.


I can sell you one controller. I have one of each, the "batwing" style slim one, the puffy one, and the 3D one.