model 2 access LEDs

noticed this page over at gamesx showing how to install the missing led, but it only works if you mobo resembles the original model 1. dunno if these model 2s where 64 or 32 pin but if yours is like mine it didnt have this led spot on the controler board

now what ive got is a 32 pin cd board and the controller board has been integrated onto the main mobo and there is no spot for the led by the controller ports. iirc the mobo was marked as a rev 7.

theres a spot for an led on the cd board just right of the 32 pin ic, while looking at it from the front, this spot is maked "D401" and the diode symbol is also near "-||>-". a resistor in spot marked "R407" 100ohm should do, is also needed in order for the led to work. heres a pic of the general area where im talking about

I used a square led as found in older ibm pcs and mounted it on the right of the second controller port at the end of the curve in the case, just nibbling out a bit of the case for the led to fit through.

dunno if theres a spot for an led in 64 pin sats (maybe thier the ones with the led spot on controller board) i dont have one of this kind to look at.




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Nice, I've posted a link to that several months ago in the saturn mod sticky thing. But I didn't look real closely at the 32pin version to see if it had something similar. Yes the 64pin is the one that it can be done to, I confirmed that by looking at a friends saturn who has the 64pin model.