More dubbed anime


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So I turned the TV to TCM one day, expecting to see some crappy old movie, but lo and behold, the channel changed to TechTV. I thought I would see what the new channel was about, so I watched it off and on for a couple days. Then last night, around 9pm, a show came on called Anime Unleashed. I thought it would be some crappy Toonami thing with those damn kiddie shows like Yugioh or Pokemon or DBZGTXtreme episode 5394 saga. I was surprised to see that the Anime they were showing, of which I've never seen before, wasn't all that bad. Mature content and dark themes kept me from flipping the channel. I was thinking of going to the nearest anime dealer and renting a few eps.

So has anybody here seen any of these two shows before? If so, what do you think about the series, or do you have any opinions on the sub compared to the dub, etc.
(Dunno about the dubs. Even if we had them here, there woudn't be those you're seeing)

I like very mutch of the original TV series for Silent Moebius. It was, up to some time (there's a OAV about it, I belive), the only animated version of the SM propriety that told the main AMP plotline. People might dislike the weird, pointy character design, but it growns on to you. Kia stories are very suited to american market too, since he's a freat fan of the comic genre.

Er, altough I find that maybe he played Snatcher a wee bit too mutch

Lain... it's Serial Experiments Lain, the hommage-psicotic-series to wired-cybernetic-themes-and-conspiracy-teories, staring a 11-year old girl on a bear suit. What's there not to love?

Betterman... Not sure about it.


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Yeah, I find Lain very strange. The only episode I saw of it was this one where they're doing a rehash on the old alien cover-up conspiracy theory that took place in Roswell, NM. Very very stange. Lots of silence in that show. Lots of emotion too.