Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

I bought one of this today, tested it at the home of the one who sold it to me, worked fine, loaded, formated disks, etc. Then I go home, and at the subway it falled down and the disk drive have been broken.

I think it's like a PC drive so I can simply exchange it, but I tried and it does not even try to read (the bad one tries to read but fails).

Did I have to change something from the PC drive? for using pc drivers on atari st or amiga it's necessary to do some modifications, it's the same?

And another question, could be useful to scan the board of that copier for anyone? It's a 16 meg copier, it works on Genesis and SNES (have slots for the 2 of them), it supports an expansion for 24 megs instead of 16... and nothing else.

Photo of the copier (the one I have is the gray edition):
Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

it needs a drive that is set to drive letter B by a hardware jumper. only very few, old floppy drives even support that, but you will need one of those.. it's usually a small jumper at the back.
Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

I JUST got the same MGH unit in the picture. Mine worked fine as demonstrated by the man who sold it to me. It also came with a cart label "MGH Saver". It appears to be a blank cart.

Here's my question: Does anyone really know how to use this thing. That is, are there any FAQs available? Are the images the same as those I play on my computer emulator? Any information or point in a direction to information would be great. All I have done so far is look at the pretty menu screen.

By the way, I got it while I was on vacation with about 50 other rare accessories and carts including Yu Yu Hakusho (the fighter)... sorry, I had to brag a little. By the way, I have some Super Famicom stuff to trade off as well (for sega stuff).
Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

Thanks for your answer Arakon, can you tell me if the Drive that comes with the MGH have that jumper as well? Because I'm trying to find it but I can't.

Also, when you say old drivers, what do you mean exactly, the ones from 486, 386, 286? (I mean aproximately).

I've read long time ago a way to put a PC drive onto Amiga or Atari ST, is the same metode the one that have to be used to put it on the MGH?

Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

I've done all the web searches I could.

Does anyone even know what the file extensions should be for the Gen games running on a MGH disk? or what the cartridge labeled "MGH game saver" is for?

I would like to run that new Berzerk game on my MGH. The machine reads the directory but reports that it is not an MGH file. Are there any tools for conversion or for that matter any MGH users who still use this machine?
Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

Jeff-20, the MGH Saver is the Save Ram Cartdrige to have your games saves for the games that have the save option, in theory.

I can't confirm it nor try to use roms because the disk drive is broken. If I am able to fix it, I'll try to use roms, and If I don't find any utility to convert them, I don't think it will be any difficult for me to make a tool if I can compare a ROM made by me with the MGH and one from internet.

Anyway, now I've to fix the disk drive... and it could take me some time
Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

I took time to play with it. I can now copy and play smaller games off the disk... however, a few of the mega drive games did not copy well.

Anyway, I figured out that the roms I copied from cart are EXACTLY the same size as the ones I downloaded off the net. So it seems like they might be the same. Wrong. I transferred a rom from my HD to disk and changed the names to the indentical one I used for the MGH dump. It did not work. Something must be different about the formats but I cannot figure it out.

I have accoplished dumping some carts to disk. Columns, herzog Zwei, Musha, Rainbow Islands. So I can at least trade with others who have an MGH, but I cannot seem to get the roms from the net to work. That is my real goal. I really want to play Berzerk on a real Genesis!

Some observations, the MGH doesn't seem to work well with Sega CD connected. disconnect it. It also seems to play games with some interference on the visual. Like a small static visible that is not visible during the menu screens.

I cant believe how far these eastern guys are above us, americans talk about the gen a whole lot on the net, but scratch their heads at the smallest technical stuff. And overseas, ten year olds are copying games and making multi carts in their spare time. How embarrassing. I can't find one guy on the net in north america who understand how to use this thing.

Anyway.... the real news: Same size roms, but no play. Now what?
Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

they need to be in a certain format. I believe ucon can convert them. the format needs to be the MGD2 format, if I recall right.
Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

Once again, Arakon is right. I got a program called superconv, and changed my bin files to Miller Genuine Draft 2 files. It worked. I just played Berzerk, a homebrew, on a real genesis. I am in Sega heaven!

Here are a few notes. One, the MGH doesn't work correctly with a Sega CD attached. the roms load, but do not run. Two, the files must start with MD and the rest of the name must be numerals. Make sure you do a name change while converting it.

My next goal: figuring out how to get these roms to cart. I am going to get one of those Eprom carts Blockbuster used for rental games. But for now, disks will do just fine.

I am going to play some roms now... later.
Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

I finally figured out the system, but the I have not had experience with files larger than 1024k. I know how to dump large files to seperate disks (the MGH handles that), but I am not sure how to split a rom on my computer to seperate disks and run them on the MGH. Any suggestions?
Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

Hey, I finally managed to fix my drive!

I really changed it with another one like Arakon said, fortunatelly one of the 12 pc drivers I had was like he said =)

But now I'm trying to play with the copier and I have a lot of problems.

First, most 4 meg games of SNES work without problems, but some of 8 megs do not work and I don't know how to split roms into 2 disks to play 16 meg ones.

Second, I haven't been able yet to dump any game of genesis well. I dumped sonic the hedgehog 1 jap and when I try to load it from disk it keeps all the time loading and it never starts. I have tried it with Streets of Rage 1 and when I load it from disk to play I get a RED screen. What I'm doing bad? I even don't rename any file when I dump them

*edit: I've tried a dump of Sonic the Hedgeog from internet converted with superconv and I get the red screen as well
Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

Originally posted by Devil Ken Masters@Jan. 19 2003, 8:55 am

First, most 4 meg games of SNES work without problems, but some of 8 megs do not work and I don't know how to split roms into 2 disks to play 16 meg ones.

To split the Snes roms you can use inSNESt, get it here :
Multi Game Hunter Mega Drive & Snes Copier

Thanks a lot man!!!!!! it worked perfectly, now I can play most snes games! (under 16 megs ;p)

Any tool like that for genesis?