Mutual FTP

Well, i would have asked this sooner but i wasnt sure about it. If i set up a mutual ftp for Neo Geo cd rips, would you guys upload and download from it...well i know you would download, but a mutual ftp wont work without uploads. The problem is that i have a 3 gig hard drive, so i would have to rotate games..say every few days. Well, if you guys are into this then i will set one up. Give me your opinions please
Yeah, but it doesnt seem as though anyone else is jumping on the Neo Geo cd trolly. But if you feel that way then i guess the dream is over. If you really want to, i have a server on the irc. Its on dalnet and in the channel #neo-geo
There are people here but when you said you would have to rotate games every few days, i know i thought 'f*** that' if someone was halfway through a download and you took the game down..well you get my point