My 50/60Hz Guide for Model 2 PAL Saturn


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Here is my Sega Saturn Model 2 PAL Guide on 50/60 Hz switch placing

Just Follow the Cool Sharp Pictures and the little notes on them and you will be finished in less then 15 minutes :smash

Be Sure to read and look at the guide 1st good before you start.

Also Note That i am and Sega Xtreme are in No way responsible if you do Fuck up

:agree :cheers

Look Also in the Sega Master System Forum to my Sega Master System II PAL Guide

Next will be The Sega Megadrive II PAL so watch the genesis/megadrive forum Close


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Really great pictures!

I've soldered my Saturn so it's always in 60Hz mode using Tony's guide.

Your site should make it easier for people to locate the points and do the mod succesfully.


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Really nice job on that guide, they should make it a sticky.

I went ahead and got a mate (who installed my mod board) to do the 50/60hz mod after seeing your guide, I actually meant to get it done ages ago but he's pretty lazy
anyway it all went fine with the only difference being I had my switch put at the back of the saturn and used a small black slide switch so it actually looks like a proper part of the saturn (I'm a loser I know, just real fussy).

One thig he told me to reply about was when soldering the blue wire to the pcb he had a bit of trouble getting the solder to actually stick, he ended up doing something with a pin and then got it done, would have to ask what exactly, anyway nice job and cheers

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A bit off topic but...

Say you modded your Megadrive II just like your guide.... Now if you add a segacd do the switches still apply? Like if you have a Megadrive II and flip the switch to Japan will japanese segacd games boot?


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segacd has a highly complicated country protection, in fact one of the best to date.

only a switchable 3x bios can give you true, 100% compatibility with all region games.