My Dreamcast suddenly resets?

My DC resets sometimes when I play games. For a day ago it did not. I have serached all over SX and found a few threads about it. However, all of those seem to give different advice. What is the best thing to do?


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I've heard of this happening when it overheats.

How long have you been playing before it does it?

I've had it happen multiple times with NFL 2K, but not with any other game
I've heard of 2 other things that can cause this.

One is the lid sensor starts to mess up. Back in the dc pso days a lot of ppl would set a heavy book on top of the dc to hold the door down more.

The other has something to do with the psu and is supposedly very easy to fix, though I know little of it myself. Has something to do with having to bend a pc of metal on the power supply a little bit to get a better contact.
It could be the lid-thing. Since its very rare. (has happened two times in about 30 hours of playing). Ill check the PSU connections if it becomes a problem...