Nadius' Praise for the NES Advantage Joystick


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I won an eBay auction for the NES Advantage for the mere purpose of having it, this is what happens when I'm bored and have money; I go buy stuff that I don't need. When it arrived, I lopped it onto my desk and it stayed there for about a week (my brother borrowed the games when he got his top loading NES) until my copy of Super Mario Bros. arrived.
I was reliving some exciting video game moments of my youth as I raced Mario towards the flagpoles when I remembered the Advantage on my desk. I didn't think I'd ever use it to play something like smb, and other games that I was used to playing with the control pad. I thought I'd just test the joystick out, and see if it actually worked.
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What a dream. That thing is the most awesome home joystick I have ever used. The stick is incredibly responsive; Mario never seemed to move faster. I was kicking the koopas, smashing the goobas and bashing the hammer brothers with my new Advantage joystick. I destroyed King Koopa ate the big ones quickly thanks to the auto-fire feature on the Advantage.
Next, I plan to conquer Zelda and make Gannon feel the power of my joystick. I really do have the Advantage with the NES Advantage.
Thank you Nintendo, you have improved the quality of my life. I don't do drugs thanks to Nintendo.
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But seriously, it's awesome.


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I used to have a NES Advantage joystick back in the day :) I didn't really find a game which was suited to the joystick rather than the controller though. Though, it was still fun to mess around with games using the joystick, like you did with SMB. One problem I encounted was with Blaster Master - if you are shooting with the rapid-fire feature on, then you can't jump as high. At least, that's what I can remember :aacool: