need a premoded saturn

OK i know this forum has alot of really talented moders here and i need some help. I have been trying to buy a system compatible with the mod chip i got and now i have a chip that doesnt seem to work for me and two saturns that wont run backups. :damn: So if someone here has a spare or can get one for a resonable price i would like to buy a nice fully functional moded system. I would be glad to throw in a working system or two in trade as well :D So let me know the price it would cost if you can help me.


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why do few people put their location in their profile?

Tell us where you live and we'll go from there.
I would also be interested in a premodded saturn as well. I was going to mod mine myself, but it turns out it's one with a Sanyo board. From what I've heard, this is hard to mod. I'm located in Daytona Beach, FL 32119.


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If anyone from Oz wants one I may be able to help...

I don't think anyone would want to pay for shipping to the US or Europe though.
I need a premodded saturn aswell, i am in canada, but would pay the shipping charges. A normal Model 2 would work aswell. Anyways, let me know!
I'd offer to help, but I wont be home til Thanksgiving... so no soldering iron. =(

If you guys still need one then, lemme know.