Nesterdc 6.0


Hey guys, how do I reset back to the menu in NesterDC 6.0? I had 3.0 before FINALLY deciding to upgrade. Anyway..... With Nester 3.0 I could just reset back to the screen by hitting the L + R buttons. In Nester 6.0 it doesn't work. Whenever I want to switch a new game, I have to power down, put the Nester disc in, then swap the roms disc in. It's really an inconvenience.
Hey, since your new at Nester 6.0 do you know how to use save states and some other new features? i could explain how to use them to you if you like


Sure! Isn't there a way to enhance the graphics, so they're better than the actual NES? I think I read that on here one time.


arggh, i got pissed at my nester dc, when the sram failed to save at times , and then later failed to load when i started ff, then i exited and then it decided okay, the sram does save!, a save empty sram was saved over my save filled sram. I just beat Kraken too. Just like the old days of nintendo.


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I belive that NesterDC 6.0 improves the grafics some what on default. From what I have heard, the newest version uses bilinear filtering on games. I could be wrong on that, but to me it sure seams that NES games look beter on nesterDC then on my original NES systems.
Yep, BiLinear filtering is on by default... you never actually notice it until you turn it off and see the original

For state saving, just hit Y + R and you get the menu for saving and loading save states