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Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick hello to everyone here on the board. I of course am a new member, and looking to get into the Sega CD as my next collection adventure. I am a hard-core TurboGrafx 16 CD/Turbo DUO collector, and looking to start another collection. So far, I am going to be looking into purchasing the Sega CDX for the all in one deal, and going for some of the games I am most into such as the Working Designs games. I am certainly looking forward to meeting new people here, and learning all I can from you.
The Sega CD is my favorite system of all time.

Many of my favorite games are on that system.

I'm not into RPGs at all, so our favorite game lists may not coincide, but the Sega CD is good for all genras.

And all of these are Sega CD exclusives as well:

My favorite driving game: Batman Returns CD (driving levels).

My favorite flying game (other than X-Wing series): AH-3 Thunderstrike

My favorite fighting game: Eternal Champions Challenge From The Dark Side

My favorite platform game (other than Sonic/Mario): Earthworm Jim Special Edition

Not to mention an awesome array of shooters, again Sega CD exclusives

Android Assualt - could litterly be one of the best shooters ever, alongside the likes of Einhander


Robo Aleste

Soul Star

Keio Flying Squadron

(And you probably already have the orignal version of Lords Of Thunder, but still worth mentioning here)

And some more awesome Sega CD exclusives:

Adventures of Batman & Robin (driving/shooting plus exclusive batman animation)

Sonic CD

Terminator (platform shooter)

Road Rash CD (a unique 16-bit port of the 32-bit road rash incarnation, surprisingly the only version to include the music during the races, neither the 3DO nor Playstation versions have it!)

And I may be in the minority in the world, but I love a good FMV shooter. Visually pleasing, simple blastathon action.


Cobra Command

Ground Zero Texas

Road Avenger

And there's plenty more where that came from.

I also have collected most of the new release Sega CD games (Bug Blasters, Star Strike, Battle Frenzy, Burning Fist, Citizen X). I'd recommend Bug Blasters if you're into FMV shooters.

And also check out the imports. I'm probably the last lucky soul alive to get one of the MultiBios chips. I have:


Dynamic Country Club Golf

Night Striker

Ranma 1/2 Byakuran Aika

Sengoku Densho

Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends

Yumimi Mix

Of these, I think Devastator is probably the most interesting. It's very unique and grows on you, very old-school platform shooter action, but with graphics touches that feel kind of TGCD. And Sengoku Densho is also really interesting and unque wild dimension hopping samurai beatemup shape changing action. In another league compared to the terrible SNES port. My Sengoku Densho is for sale though since I picked up the Neo Geo version.


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Kuta said:
Welcome Bernie. Can I ask what is it about Sega CD that interests you?
Indeed, welcome. Can't say that there's a lot of activity now, but there's a HUGE wealth of information in the archives.