New Sega Game to be released!!


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Wow a new Sega game on Dreamcast :D :D I never thought Sega would make new games on DC. I think it was easy to port it on DC since it's a Puzzle game and that it will be release on above all platform. Anyway it's a really good news :D


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This game is being released on the neo-geo MVS hardware in the arcades later i belive. It was going to be released on the naomi, but they changed it to MVS. I think there only releasing this on the DC because they already had the code writen for the Naomi. The Neo version looks diferent because of the MVS being weaker hardware.


sweet news! I love Puyo games!

Love to see how it turns out and how the new fever thing will be.

Nice looking graphics too.


this is great news, man if only sega would catch on and revive this awesome system... (I know it won't happen, but a guy can dream can't he!!! ... lol) oh well great news none the less... wooo hooooo



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I would be happier if sega didnt revive the dreamcast. A system that is technically inferior to the other systems on the market with much less options to it too..

Although if they were to build another system say 3 or 4 years down the road, I would be excited