new ssmtf release


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Nice news (moved from saturn dev). :thumbs-up:

The fully french title is quite original :) I took the ISO and will try it for sure.

Thanks to all the Sega Saturn Multiplayer Task Force


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What a great looking title, vreuzon! I really hoped you would finish that one, previously refered by "tank shooting game". I will play it very soon. The website says you used transparencies, that's interesting.

Someone with your experience and skill could hardly be beaten in the Saturn Contest

Would you like to enter?

RockinB said:
I will play it very soon

Please do. But the cpu controlled tanks beeing very easy to beat, you should not play all alone : it would not be very funny.

I'm note sure i'll enter the constest as it would require some changes in the code to comply with the rules.
Hey Rockin'B, I'm not 100% sure but I know vreuzon a bit. Here the contest rule he surely don't agree with :

your entry must show contest title "C4 - 2006" and webpage "" at game start
He did not make the game for the contest, to win Saturn stuff or something. He made it for fun, and that's fuzzin' kewl ! :thumbs-up:


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Hello vreuzon,

just yesterday I played your new game and it's really amazing! With each homebrew Saturn game you release, there is a significant improvement over the previous one.

I must admit, I became a fan of your work, most importandly due to it's multiplayer focus and CPU AI. Also the graphics and overall professionality have been raised to a level yet unbeaten by any other Saturn homebrew devver.

Keep it going, vreuzon!:rock: