New Transfer Suite Coming soon...

Mask of Destiny

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I've finally gotten back to working on my Sega CD transfer suite so far I'm planning the following new features:

-Revampped underlying protocol resulting in

-Faster Transfers (yet to be tested whether this is actually true, but it should be)

-More robust transfers (you won't have to make sure you start the master and slave in the correct order anymore)

-Bigger transfers (no more 64KB limit for sending programs to the Sega CD)

-Dumping cartridge and Sega CD save RAM (maybe writing too, we'll see)

-Segmented transfers: Send one file to one segment of RAM and another to a different segment of RAM and jump to yet another address if you so desire

-Memory explorer: read and write data to arbitrary Genesis memory addresses for hardware exploration

-EXT port support (will be released untested, but should work)

-GUI (maybe)

-GoodGen integration (maybe)

If there are any features you would like to see in my Transfer Suite now is the time to say so. Who knows when I'll get around to updating it again.

If I can keep my Sega development interest up you might see the following in the not-to-distant future (but don't get your hopes up, I'm very fickle with my hobbies)

- Basic Saturn version of the transfer software (perhaps I can get this working in time to try and put together a demo or something for C4)

- New version of SLO that supports using the transfer protocol to browse and launch files from your computer's hard drive (and possibly some other cool features)

Mask of Destiny

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I have the new low-level protocol working, but the project is on the back burner at the moment. The apparent lack of interest (apart from one or two individuals) hasn't helped my motivation to work on it and I can only work on it when I'm home and a lot of my hobby development now occurs on my train ride to and from work.

Eidolon (of Eidolon's Inn) is thinking about running a little contest in the not-too-distant future, so perhaps that will give me some motivation to work on it.


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There very well may be more interest then you know. Look at the state of SX for example, it really came back to life recently.

Mask of Destiny

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Well, there was certainly a fair amount of interest in the original version, but that was mostly from people who wanted to dump cartridges and the original version does a decent job of that. There's certainly room for improvement, but I don't get much in the way of feature requests there. I know people are still using it as I occasionally get an e-mail looking for help on getting it working.

It's biggest flaws are as a development tool, but I can count on one hand the people that do Sega CD homebrew. Perhaps Eidolon's competition will change that, but at the moment it's hard to stay motivated on this project. There are a lot of things to eat up my time these days, my wife, my job, my visual programming language project, my open source Palm OS clone (also on the backburner on the moment), etc.


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You can even purchase the link cable at tototek store ;) As far as I know only two ppl ordered for now (maybe due to the price? or lack of advertisement?).

Once you get it ready, i would be happy to add it in megacart firmware :) So you can flash things without having to unplug all :D

It will certainely bring more interest because no need segacd anymore :)