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Hi everyone!

I am new to this boards and I couldn't find any "new-members-say-hello-to-the community" kind of thread... so I will make it here...

(if someone post a link to the presentations thread or if I finally find it, I will cut/past these lines there...)

I live and work in Tokyo (as specified in my profile) for a little bit more that 3 years now, 28yo, I am a long-time&old-school sega fan. I use to own almost all of sega game-consoles but mainly played on the Saturn (which drove me completly crazy at that time!... I had over 200 original games on it...).

The fall of the saturn made me recover a bit of my social life though...

My favourite types of games are 2D shooters and 2D fighters.


There we go with my question and thread.

I just purchased a Naomi2 mother board with a GD-Rom drive (to be delivered tomorrow) and I would like to use it on my TV(s) as my house is too small to install a cabinet.

I figured on this site that it is possible to connect the Naomi using a vga cable.

so here is the situation:

I have two TVs:

One is a Sharp LCD 32" HDTV with a vga input and the other is a normal 28" tube Mitsubishi TV (I use it for old-school games as they look like S... on the LCD).

So basically, as I understood browsing this site, I have two ways to connect my Naomi2:

- by VGA to the LCD TV

- using an adapter (which I would like to avoid buying...) to connect it by s-video to the normal tube TV

I believe that the image quality would be better unsing the VGA cable, but I am worried about the 16/9 panorama screen shape.

I wanted to ask if someone here own a naomi or naomi2 system and if he/she could share his experiences.

thanks a lot

p.s. English is not my native language, so forgive me if my grammar is odd..


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Welcome !

I see that you had the answers you wanted on shmup, so everything's fine :rock:


I see that you had the answers you wanted on shmup, so everything's fine

Yes! that's right! I got it to work finally.

if anyone experiences the same kind of issues, I will just post what I found out here just in case:

- To get a VGA signal directly out of the Naomi, the 4 DIP switches have to set on "off"... (means, bottom position)

- The Naomi VGA signal the my TV receives is a 1024x768. as my TV is a 32" LCD 16/9e, it displays the 1024x768 on a native resoltion of 1320x768.

As a result, My image is not full screen. (let's say that it's a 28" image on a 32" TV)

There is no way to display it right on a 16/9e TV or monitor as a VGA signal can not be auto-resized. (and even though, the game would be crap to play as frames would be missing...)