Newest known Saturn SDK dumped by ndiddy


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"The newest known Saturn SDK, released to developers in Japan in September 1997 (around a year newer than what Sega of America were giving out).

- SBL Ver.6.21 (PC, IRIX)
- SGL Ver.3.20 (PC, IRIX)
- Sound Tool (Mac)
- Graphics Tool (Windows, Mac)
- Cinepak Library Ver.1.21 (PC, IRIX)
- Online Manual Ver.2.50 (HTML)
- Various command line utilities (PC)
- Audio and video sample data
- Putting the CD in a Saturn runs SBL, SGL, and Cinepak samples

Note that most emulators and Pseudo Saturn don't correctly detect the disc as a Saturn disc as of this release."

Thanks @ndiddy for this great contribution!

FYI : It works with Mednafen as-is, and re-building the image without the HFS partition and putting IP.BIN at the start makes it work with Pseudo Saturn Kai and other Saturn emulators.