No sound on an iso

I am trying to play shining force cd on an emulator on my comp....I can get the game to run, but there is no music, on limited sound effects.

I have the shining force iso in a folder, and all the games tracks (2-35)

I am playing the game under Kega, can anyone help me? ???
I suggest you try if it works with Gens.

it probably is a name problem





problem, probably is Kega itself, though. try it's options, and help file.
yes, they are mp3's

but when i try to open the game in gens, i get passed the sega opening screen, and this is the error i get

that's an entirely different problem.

simple to fix, though

at the first sega Cd screen, with spinning logos, and Sonic, press A, B, or C

then, go in and "Format RAM Cart", recommended to use a 64k ram cart, since it's the largest you can use, and what's 32k of disk space nowadays?
ok, I got the game to load in Gens now, but there is no music, only sound effects still......

I dont think I have a name problem either...

The iso is named "Track 01"

and all the mp3's are named "Track 02-35"


Extra Hard Mid Boss
RTFM, especially the "Running a Sega-CD/Mega-CD Game from a CD image/Mp3 file" section..
I'm a complete novice to all this ISO and GENS malaki and this is my first visit but I'd just like to say thanks to everyone involved within this post and site as it has enabled me to find the shining force iso and got it to work. Its taken me back down memory lane. If it wasn't for giving then no one would get. So hopefuly I'll be able to give something in future.